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Investment Philosophy

   SeaView's investment focus is directed to companies with sales between $20 and $150 million where business valuations range from $20 to $75 million. SeaView seeks to acquire both privately-held companies and divisions of large corporations that possess meaningful market share, brand or product uniqueness, and growth opportunities. As former owners and senior executives of companies, the partners of SeaView realize that the quality of management has the most significant influence on the ultimate success of a business. Our primary investment strategy is to buy and build middle market companies with management. SeaView seeks controlling or substantial interests in each of its portfolio companies.

   SeaView's partners appreciate the need for immediate attention to any investment opportunity that materializes and are committed to providing the involved parties a prompt indication of an interest or a decline, and a thorough and professional but accelerated due diligence and closing process.

Investment Criteria

   SeaView looks for investment opportunities that will generally possess the following attributes:

  Experienced operating managers with a vision

  Significant market position or a unique niche

  Predictable cash flows

  Potential growth through improvement, expansion or acquisition

Investment Strategy

   SeaView will invest in the following types of transactions:

  Acquisitions of private companies

  Acquisitions of non-core business units from large corporations

  Recapitalizations of private companies

  Growth capital for acquisition or expansion

  Taking middle-market public companies private

  Industry consolidations with strong management teams

Investment Exclusions

   SeaView will typically not invest in the following types of businesses:


  Real estate developement


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