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   SeaView is a potent partnering of informed, knowledgeable professionals with over 75 years of combined business experience. The partners of SeaView represent a blend of operational, marketing, and financial skills developed from successful careers in the manufacturing and financial professions. As former owners, operators, and managers of businesses, they are knowledgeable of the inner workings of real businesses and sensitive to management needs. These characteristics allow SeaView to act quickly and to partner with management teams to create value by growing portfolio companies.

   The partners of SeaView have invested as principals in numerous transactions with an aggregate market value in excess of $500 million. These investments have consisted of buyouts, recapitalizations, restructurings, and growth equity. These transactions have been made in a broad array of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses.

Family Business Needs

   Having owned, operated and sold closely-held businesses, the partners of SeaView understand the unique circumstances many family businesses must address in selling their ownership interests. SeaView works closely with individuals and family shareholder groups to devise solutions to estate planning or liquidity needs arising from ownership of privately held businesses. A SeaView sponsored acquisition allows a private company to retain its independence, generates liquidity for current shareholders, and offers management teams the opportunity to invest in the company.

Additional Information

   A SeaView transaction is characterized by confidential analysis, timely due diligence, and efficient negotiation. This combination results in a careful balancing of the needs of existing and selling shareholders, company management, and new investors. SeaView reviews transactions from all types of intermediaries, including investment banks and boutiques, accountants, attorneys, business brokers, and various other sources. We also place a significant emphasis on generating direct deal flow and thus welcome the submission of investment material, even if not in final from, directly from companies that are not represented by an agent. We often establish relationships with companies that do not meet our investment criteria at the time. However, we like to maintain communication with the goal of investing at a later date. We understand the concern that companies have regarding disclosure of proprietary information during the capital raising process. Consequently, we treat all material that we receive in connection with a transaction as highly confidential. SeaView respects the roles of finders in the investment process.

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